Friday, June 23, 2000.

Do you see anything on our porch today?

Yes, it's the long awaited box from HP, ah, I mean, Agilent Technologies!

What, a 92 pound box for just 6 grams of Cesium? Must be a good packing job...

Watch out, water might go though 6 layers of vacuum shielding and get the Cesium wet!

Bethany (2) learns her ABC's: HP 5071A, HP 5370B, HP 5062c, ...

Now there's the HP logo I was looking for! (it's used, pre-Agilent, built in 1992)

What, you mean for all that money I still have to set the time by hand?

Daddy, this is the Sync Input and the upper one is 1pps Output.

See, I did it all by myself!

Works as a nightlight too.

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