Museum of HP Clocks


Now known mostly as a computer and printer company, Hewlett-Packard for many decades created the best scientific electronic laboratory instruments in the world. Some of the highest-performance instruments were those related to precise time & frequency: synthesizers, analyzers, oscillators, frequency counters, comparators, analog and digital clocks, etc.

Precise time and frequency is the basis for many measurement techniques and almost all modern digital technologies so it is no surprise that HP was driven to excel in this area. In particular, HP is known for its pioneering work with atomic clocks. Since the invention of the atomic clock in the 1950's only a few companies made them commercially; HP was the leader. Over the years HP made several generations of cesium clocks, a rubidium clock, briefly, a hydrogen maser, and GPS disciplined time & frequency standards. The Test & Measurement division of HP is now called Agilent Technologies.

Although most of the gear in the photos below is vintage, still today the majority of the cesium clocks that make up the world-wide average of atomic time are HP/Agilent model 5071A.

Perhaps you've heard of the Museum of HP Calculators; well here is the Museum of HP Clocks, a collection of HP time & frequency products that span nearly 50 years.


Atomic Time & Frequency Laboratory Clocks Quartz Frequency Standards
HP 5071A (primary cesium)
HP 5065A (rubidium)
HP 5062c (compact Cs)
HP 5061B (w/ LCD display)
HP 5061A (w/ Patek Philippe)
HP 5060A (first HP cesium)
K10 117A (UT1 translator)
HP-01 (LED wristwatch)
HP 59309A (GPIB LED clock)
K10-59992A (DC backup)
HP 571B (relay & nixie)
HP K21-5321A (nixie clock)
HP 117A (60 kHz WWVB)
HP 114BR (comparator)
HP 115CR (digital)
HP 115AR
HP 113BR
HP 105B (modern)
HP 107BR (rugged)
HP 106B (ultra stable)
HP 104AR (5 MHz)
HP 103AR (1 MHz)
HP 101A (transistor)
HP 100ER (vacuum tube)

The complete HP clock collection


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